At Alpine, we want people to enjoy life more. We do this by offering high quality hearing protection for musicians, children, travellers, water sports enthusiasts, clubbers, motorists and people with sleeping issues. We believe that life is more fun when you’re not bothered by harmful or annoying noise. That is why we produce and sell innovative and trendy earplugs with a very comfortable fit. Earplugs that, for instance, contribute to a more healthy sleep pattern, more fun in the water and more relaxation during ones travels.


Ever since we were founded in 1995, we have focused solely on hearing protection. Since then, we have been continuously working – in consultation with our customers – to further improve our products. Their feedback offers us the possibility to further refine and innovate our products. Because nothing is as satisfactory as being able to surprise a customer. And that is why we cherish the relationship with our customers.



We supply our products across the globe in more than 40 countries to distributors, large store chains, hospitality industry, events and online shops. And in various countries, we were elected the best product in its genre. Mainly by developing the AlpineThermoShape™ material and the AlpineAcousticFilters™, our earplugs are unprecedented in terms of comfort and dampening. All of our products were invented, designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. Dutch Design is what we are proud of. For us, it is a sign that, together with our team and our customers, we will be able to realise our ambition: as leading brand, with the most ideal earplugs to inspire continuously and deliver a positive contribution to everyone’s well-being.





  • Three different Filters  -  White (16dB), Silver (19dB) & Gold (22dB)

  • Prevents hearing damage and tinnitus as a result of exposure to loud music

  • Unique interchangeable filter system: choose your own level of sound attenuation

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Made from high-tech AlpineThermoShape™ material

  • Perfect fit, can be worn comfortably for hours on end

  • Includes a storage case, carrying cord, cleaning spray and a spare earplug

  • Reusable and easy to put in and take out

  • “The #1 Earplug” for music lovers and professionals in more than fifty countries

  • Available in Black or Translucent

  • Two different Filters  -  Medium (17dB) & High (18dB)

  • Preserves Sound

  • Comfortable

  • Reduces harmful noise and prevents noise deafness

  • Travel box

  • Reusable



  • Protects your hearing up to 29dB

  • No more annoying ringing in your ears after the concert or party

  • Conversations remain perfectly audible

  • Optimum fit due to the soft AlpineThermoShape™ material

  • Barely visible in the ear

  • Carry pouch, handy cord and Alpine Clean cleaning spray (5 ml)

  • Reusable

  • Protects your hearing up to 25 dB

  • Conversations can still be heard

  • Perfect fit because of soft AlpineThermoShape™ Material

  • No Silicone

  • Carry box

  • Reusable

  • Available in White, Translucent, Black & Silver


  • For Children  2  years + and Adults with  a smaller ear canal

  • Protects your hearing up to 30dB

  • Conversations cans till be heard due to unique AlpineAcousticFilters

  • Easy Fitting

  • Extremely comfortable

  • No Silicone

  • Reusable




  • Custom made for Drummers but usable for any musician

  • Comfortable, soft headband

  • SNR-value 25 dB

  • Adjustable

  • Sturdy & Durable

  • Carry Case

  • Recommended for Children over the age of 2

  • Comfortable, soft headband

  • SNR-value 25dB

  • Adjsutable

  • Robust & Durable

  • Carry Case

  • Available in Red/White, Blue/White, Black/White, Pink/White & Smile


  • Recommended for babies and small children up to 36 months

  • SNR-value 23dB

  • Protects babies and toddlers against harmful noise and loud music

  • Simple to adjust and always fits

  • The only CE-marked baby ear protector in Europe

  • Headband is easily detached for washing

  • Available in Pink, Blue and Grey

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