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A unique earmuff specially designed for children

Protects against loud sounds and improves concentration Available in 5 trendy colours.

Children are too often exposed to too much noise, which is too loud for them. Research has indicated that 1 out of every 8 children is left with permanent hearing damage because of this. Loud noise can also overload young children, which can cause stress, troubled concentrating and sleeping problems.


Safe protection in loud surroundings

The Alpine Muffy has been especially designed for the ears of small children and can be used in various noisy situations, such as parties, parades, firework displays, car and motor races and concerts.

Improves concentration
Some kids have difficulties to concentrate in noisy surroundings. This may affect their personal development. These earmuffs are ideal to learn and read in a more focused manner either at home or at school.

Alpine Hearing Protection Consistently Innovative
Alpine was founded in 1995 and is one of few manufacturers in the world with hearing protection as its core business. The R&D department of Alpine is continuously improving the product portfolio, in collaboration with end users, to make sure to offer the best hearing protection possible. Quality and safety is our top priority. All products have been officially tested by independent certification
organizations, and have the CE & ANSI certification. Alpine earplugs are sold across the globe in over 62 countries.

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