Originally released in 1960 as “The answer to every drummer’s dream”, the Super Ludwig series drums are reimagined for a new standard model! The Super model is chrome over brass shell while the Super Brass is a lacquered brass shell. Both models are trimmed in nickel hardware.

These two models fashion highly-collectable transition badge versions that were predecessors to the original standard 1960 models that featured chrome hardware. The revered tone of Ludwig seamless brass with a whole new look!


Available in 4 different models

14x5" Brass with Nickel Hardware

14x6.5" Brass with Nickel Hardware

14x5" Chrome over Brass with Nickel Hardware

14x6.5" Chrome over Brass with Nickel Hardware

14x5" Brass
14x6.5" Brass
14x5" Chrome over Brass
14x6.5" Chrome Over Brass
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