The latest era of our award-winning Neusonic series drums is here! Designed for the high-velocity working professional, Neusonic offers sonic versatility, durable deluxe finishes, and lightweight portability. This new era features brand new finishes, configurations, hardware appointments, and components.

They feature our cross-over shell design blending a 3-ply maple exterior with a 3-ply cherry interior. NeuSonic captures the traditional Ludwig aesthetics coupled with a brand new sound that will complement a wide range of performance settings. The industry's best-in-class USA made drum set.

Available in 3 pre-configured sets;

Downbeat (20x14" Bass Drum, 12x8" Tom, 14x14" Floor Tom)

Fab (22x14" Bass Drum, 13x9" Tom, 16x16" Floor Tom)

Pro Beat (24x14" Bass Drum. 13x9" Tom, 16x16" Floor Tom)