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BAND/ARTIST :  The Class of '58



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BIOGRAPHY : John Coleman is a UK based Drummer and Producer, mainly specialising in Roots music - Rock &
Roll, Swing, Blues, Country and Big Band whilst also, occasionally, Pop. He is the permanent drummer with Internationally acclaimed Rock & Roll and Doowop band, The Class of ’58. 


The son of two professional musicians, music was always in his blood and so it was no surprise when he came home from school, aged 5 and said he wanted to play the drums! After honing his
skills on a cardboard box kit and, a few months later his first kit, he started performing on the road aged 8; alongside his school work of course!


John has grown into one of his genre’s most respected musicians and, as well as touring all over the world each year with “The Class of ‘58” has earned touring credits with a number of the original recording stars of the 1950’s, when they’ve undertaken European tours over the past 19 years. He is lucky to be an Endorsee of a number of established brands, who he uses for all touring and recording commitments.

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