Our guitar picks are constructed with the highest quality materials you can make a pick out of, including Nylon, Delrin, Celluloid and more! Plus, we are literally breaking the Guitar Pick mold... always one step ahead of the game, Hot Picks is the first company to shape the guitar pick like a skull or head. Are you a Horror fan? You're going to love our signature line of Monster Guitar Picks. This line features Frankenstein, the Mummy, Skulls and Vampires - all the classic horror images. Girls are playing guitar just as much as guys are these days, which is why we created Girls Rock Guitar Picks. We have incorporated the latest printing technology in our It's Alive Guitar Picks and a flick of your wrist brings the picks to life. There are a lot more guitar picks where those came from - more product lines, more styles, more fun. Whatever type of guitar you're playing, whatever type of music you play, you'll find that Overdrive and Hot Picks has a guitar pick just for you!

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