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Greg Bishop.jpg


BAND/ARTIST : Independent



Series : Classic Maple 

Finish : White Marine Pearl

Sizes  : 22x14, 12x8, 16x14


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BIOGRAPHY : Greg Bishop (the lesser seen Harmonising Drummer) is a London based session drummer hailing from Hereford but holding a Swiss passport? Suspicious eh?

Greg's been on the gigging circuit since the early noughties, playing venues and arena's up and down the country, around Europe and the rest of the world, along with all the major Festivals, Glastonbury, Tv and Radio 1,2,6 appearances. 


Known for his dynamics and chameleon like ability to fit into any musical situation he's gone from playing 80's pop revival with Universal signed, Apples to Currently being the drummer with Warner signed, Our man in the field where Greg picks up the brushes and stirs the gravy most nights alongside his signature Dulcet harmonies. Making time currently to track drums for Distiller signed Fictonian's 2nd studio album and Moonlighting when able with his housemate, London based, Felix Holt and the Radicals. 


*Interesting fact, Greg's harmonies don't stop at the drums, he actually plays Brian Wilson in the Number 1 Beach Boys Tribute "The Bootleg Beachboys".


Sessions include:

Darlia - B-Unique Records

Sons of the East (Australia) - Universal

Fictonian - Distiller Records

Charlie Hugall - Producer

Cam Blackwood - Producer

Ed Buller - Producer

John David - Producer


Next stop....Portland to record with Grammy nominated Producer Tucker Martine!!!

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