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Thank you for your interest in the Ludwig UK endorsement program.


Before you begin completing our application form, we thought it would be a good idea to explain how we select artists for our family.


By its basic definition, an "endorsement" means an artist fully commits to and swears by a particular company/product. In other words, that company’s product is the best and the only product that the artist wants to play or use. The artist endorses the company, not the other way around.


From a business perspective, manufactures acknowledge an endorsement because an artist is able to influence many consumers. In turn, the artist’s fans will be influenced to buy and play the same products the artist chooses to play. The relationship is mutually beneficial:


  • Artists receive professional equipment that they believe is the best in supporting or representing their musical voice.


  • The manufacturer sees an increase in brand exposure and sales due to the exposure the artist gives the brand and the consumers they influence.


Below are some of the considerations for obtaining a manufactures’ endorsement:


  • Strong social media following/network

  • Significant album sales for a particular genre

  • Television, studio, movie and video credits

  • Participation in high visibility tours

  • Other Endorsements (such as sticks/mallets, cymbals, heads, etc)

  • Teaching credentials

  • Major influence on other musicians

How can you obtain an endorsement from Ludwig UK?


A Ludwig UK endorsement invites you to join our family.


We take great pride in our roster and are very selective about whom we allow to join.


1) Personality. Each Ludwig UK artist has their own personality, but we are truly a family. Every artist knows that it is about the relationship. Looking at the current roster you can see the longevity in which most artists have been with Ludwig Drums UK. This is a testament to our relationships.


2) Exposure. An artists popularity is essential. How much will that person influence the buying public?


3) Loyalty. Does the artist already play Ludwig? We love signing people who truly believe in our products and have already chosen Ludwig to represent their music. There is nothing more respected than to hear an artist has turned down another endorsement because they would rather wait for an opening with the Ludwig Drums UK family.


4) Talent. We believe in the quality of talent we have on our roster. We stand behind our roster and their abilities. We have both legends and future legends on our roster.


Now that you have a better idea of how we see things regarding endorsements, you can better determine whether you fit into this description. Be honest with yourself. If now is not the time - please consider waiting to apply when the time is right. In the meantime, be true to your convictions and keep playing Ludwig for all the reasons you are seeking an endorsement.

Ready to Get Started?


If you feel you meet the criteria of what we are looking for, please download, print out and complete the application form below. It is not a contract and serves only to begin a potential relationship with Ludwig UK.


Please keep in mind that incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Please include a press kit that contains a biography, photo, articles from major publications, a recording and/or video that best represents your playing and/or teaching.


Please email all information to the following address:


Thanks for spending the time to read this and for completing the application.


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