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DS Drums Snare Range

At the heart of any drum kit is the snare drum. This will determine your overall sound and with so many options available from the Rebel Custom Shop to the Mother Nature Series, right up to the Metal Series snares, there is something for everyone.


Rebel Custom Shop


The DS Rebel Custom Shop opens up a whole host of 

possibilities when designing your dream snare.


With Hybrid Shell options such as Maple & Mahogany, Birch & Mahogany, Maple & Birch, Maple & Koto or the classic Maple & Birch and add to that a selection of custom finishes, diameters and depths, you get to design the ultimate snare drum.


The Rebel Custom Shop snares feature proprietary bearing edges and snare bed technology.

Discover the full range of Rebel Custom Shop snare drums below and see if you can find your dream snare drum.

Seamless Metal Series

Wood Snares 
RCS Snares.PNG

Mother Nature Series

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