Classic Oak is built on the original Ludwig, cross-over, Oak shell formula that has captivated professionals for the last decade. Our exclusive design blends Oak and Maple to produce a rich tone that is balanced, focused, and loud. With exciting new finishes and more configuration options, Classic Oak joins its counterpart, Classic Maple, as a powerful, dynamic, professional drum set.

Available in 4 pre-configured sets;

Downbeat (20x14" Bass Drum, 12x8" Tom, 14x14" Floor Tom)

Fab (22x14" Bass Drum, 13x9" Tom, 16x16" Floor Tom)

Pro Beat (24x14" Bass Drum. 13x9" Tom, 16x16" Floor Tom)

Mod (22x18" Bass Drum, 10x8" Tom, 12x9" Tom, 16x16" Floor Tom)


Classic Oak shells are also available to custom order. Spec out the kit of your dreams by using the Ludwig Outfitter