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BAND/ARTIST : Pale Seas/Francis Lung/The Foetals


Series : Legacy Mahogany

Finish : Aged Onyx Marine

Sizes : 22x16, 13x9, 16x16


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BIOGRAPHY : Andrew Richardson is a UK drummer based in Manchester and London. Over the last five years he has become a fixture in the Lo-Fi/DIY scene lending his sticks to many of the city’s exciting prospects including: Francis Lung, The Foetals, Temple Songs, The Pink Teens and Aldous RH to name a few. As of October 2016, Andrew also joined London-based band Pale Seas who are scheduled to release their debut album ‘Stargazing for Beginners’ in July via Abbey Records and Sony Red.

Having never formally taken lessons, Andrew has always favoured instinct, feel, control, spontaneity and raw energy as the foundations of his drumming. He looks to drummers such as Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, Mick Avory, Alan Myers, Jaki Liebezeit, John ‘Drumbo’ French, Tony Morrison, Jim Hodder and Dave Grohl as key influences and often blends garage rock, country, post punk, psychedelic rock, yacht rock/soft rock, experimental/avant-garde and jazz in his playing.

Andrew recently collaborated with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore on a series of experimental recordings and is working on several albums with bands from Manchester, London and Stockholm. Additionally, Andrew is a regular stand-in drummer and will be embarking on a European tour with Infinite Bisous (Rory McCarthy) in June.​

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